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The best  shellfish and crustaceans in the country


Brown Crab

Brown Crab is one of the most famous crustaceans in the kitchens. A crab whose carapace is wider (25cm) than long (11cm), with crowded anterolateral edges, has a brownish colour. Its robust tweezers stand out for their shape and for being black at the tips.


Velvet Crab

A crab with a flat shape and a trapezoid shape that can reach 8.5cm in width. The surface of its carapace, whose colour varies between brown and reddish (when cooked), is covered by a dense layer of short brown hair, which gives it a velvety appearance.


Slipper Lobster

The most distinctive crustacean in terms of appearance, due to its undefined edges. It is also distinguished by its indented border and by having areas devoid of hair. In terms of colour, in addition to the various shades between brown and red, it also presents more accentuated colourations in the posterior area of the body. Its abdomen has a dark brown stain and bright red stains.


Live Shrimp

The Live Shrimp has a long abdomen, a laterally compressed body, the first three pairs of legs with pincers and a generally developed rostrum. The prawns are small, with an average of 3 cm in length. Fishing for these shrimp is one of the most important economic activities, due to its high commercial value.

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European lobster

Being able to reach 60cm in length, this crustacean also has two large, flat claws. It may have colours of blue tones, with white spots distributed over the body on the upper part and yellowish on the lower face.


Spider crab

The famous reddish crustacean with a heart-shaped shell has numerous spines, the six largest of which are found on the side edges. Its face has two large divergent spines. Its fur-covered paws give it a wingspan of 18cm long and 20cm wide.


King Crab

King Crab is a crustacean of the order of the decapods that inhabit the cold seas naturally. Its considerable size, which gives rise to the name, makes it a very popular crustacean in various cuisines all over the world.



This crustacean, which can weigh up to 4 kg and reach 50 cm in length, has a spiny carapace and antennae longer than the body. In addition to the brown colour, it also has yellow spots distributed throughout the body.


Green Crab

Green crab is characterized by having three spikes on the forehead and five spikes on each side of the anterolateral edges of the carapace.



A small, cylindrical-shaped lobster can reach 25 cm in total length. Its colour varies between pale orange and reddish. It displays a well-marked post-cervical crest. The eyes are large and kidney-shaped. The first three pairs of legs have claws; those of the first pair are markedly elongated with rows of thorns. Of the two pairs of antennas, the second is longer and thinner. The abdomen ends in a fan shape.

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Depending on the time of year, we have more seafood available.



One of the most sought after species in cooking, and especially in Portuguese cuisine, the clam is characterized by its shell with well-marked radial and longitudinal grooves, which give it a checkerboard pattern.



A species of bivalve that can reach 3 cm and live up to 10 years. This animal originating from the middle coast is distinguished by the angle that the labro makes the last turn and by the white beehive. Its grey shell (with or without black bands) is also distinguished by the thin longitudinal grooves.



Oysters are one of the most famous molluscs in the world, not only for their flavour but for their ability to produce pearls and be associated with romanticism and richness. This seafood grows in very calcified and irregularly shaped shells.


Goose Barnacle 

The most distinctive bivalve in terms of appearance. Its dark brown peduncle is covered with small scales, and its chapter, which gives it a finger-like appearance, has 18 white or grey plates. Being able to reach 5cm in length, this bivalve is very appreciated in gastronomy, tends to live in clusters.



The Welck is mainly characterized by the shape of its shell, which quite different from the other bivalves, instead of opening and closing, has a siphon channel where the animal lives. The most famous shape is the spiral shape.


Depending on the time of year, we have more seafood available.

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