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Mar Belo was born in 2015, but Flávio Carvalho's experience with seafood started in 1991, when he started a small pond in Casal Novo, in his old grandfather’s wine house. At that time, the tanks where they put the seafood were mills, which in the past served to trample the grapes in the production of wine.


Since then, a long way has been taken for Mar Belo to become the company it is today.

From a small vivier, Mar Belo has become one of the best and most prestigious seafood distributors, not only nationally, but internationally, exporting to several countries in Africa, Asia and Europe and having in its client's portfolio some of most prestigious seafood restaurants in the country and chains of Super and Hyper markets.

Our distribution fleet is fully equipped with tanks, oxygenation and cooling systems that make the seafood reach its destination in full vividness.

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